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MGC Local Rules

Sunday, 8th May 2022

As a refresher, below are the Local Rules in play at MGC. Please take the time to familiarise yourselves with some of the modifications / new rules that apply;

1) PLACING - 15cm clean and place on own fairway.

2) GUR - Areas marked by Blue pegs are defined as GUR

3) TREE CLEARINGS - Areas not marked by Blue pegs; a. Tree trash in these areas is regarded as being left to rotand is not defined as GUR. There is to be no relief for a ball lying lost or or in the trash. However, trash may be treated as loose impediments and relief provisions as in RULE 23-1 apply.

4) BUNKERS - Any long grass surrounding bunkers there is no placing

5) No. 10 - The area to the left of No. 10 fairway marked by Red pegs is a penalty area and a ball lying within must be played as it lies or a penalty taken, dropping 2 club lengths from edge of penalty area at point of entry.

6) TREE PLANTINGS - In areas with new saplings, young pines are to be regarded as trees under 2 club lengths in height. Drop 1 club length clear not nearer hole.

7) TREE ROOTS - If a players ball is at rest and there is interference from tree roots, the tree roots are to be treated as GUR. The player may take relief under RULE 16.1B, this rule applies through the green. No relief for tree roots in stance.

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